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Thanks for visiting my blog.

My name is Jim O’Reilly and I’ve started this site to provide a place to express some thoughts on the world in which we live.  My working career was in the banking and finance industries, from which I resigned in 2003.  I have an MA in Global Political Economy from the University of Sussex and live in Boulder, Colorado.  I can be reached at

I consider myself a radical democrat (small d).  Aristotle saw democracy as the rule of the poor with its opposite being oligarchy, the rule of the wealthy.  Using that definition, all human societies have been and still are much closer to the later than the former.  I find the inequality existing today in the US and throughout the world to be a gross affront to human decency and morality and believe we must fight to change the unjust socio-economic system that sustains it.  The goal cannot be the rule of the poor per se, but rather the rejection of the very concept or idea that a class can be poor.  With our current technology, I think there is not a shred of doubt we can all be “rich” in every important sense; the only things holding us back are the archaic hierarchical institutions of our past.

Some of the posts have been translated into Spanish and can be accessed at Comentarios en Politca y Economia Mundial.

To a better world.


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